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Some history

From Payments to Full Insurance Stack.

Vitesse was established in 2014 to fix the opaque, costly and outdated payments process. The management team had previously changed the face of local collections with Envoy Services (acquired by Worldpay in 2011) and had a clear vision of what was needed based on a collective payments experience of over 100 years.

Fast forward to 2022 – Leveraging the growing traction in both the Lloyd's marketplace and the wider company market, Vitesse specializes in insurance. We now provide carriers and claim administrators with integrated treasury and payment solutions, offering a single connection to a network of domestic clearing systems for fast and full‑value payouts to claimants. Additionally, we provide a real‑time view of global liquidity.

Vitesse empowers clients to further digitise their claims operations and gain a significant competitive advantage over their peers.


Multi-market Regulated.

Vitesse is strategically positioned for global expansion by pursuing licensing in diverse geographical regions. With licensing achieved in the UK through the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and in Europe via De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), we are now actively pursuing a license in the United States, in New York State. The company has set its sights on further markets, starting with Asia.

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Phillip McGriskin
"Vitesse brings the strength of the global banking network together with leading technology. We give our customers unparalleled control, transparency and efficiency for the holding and management of funds and liquidity."

Phillip McGriskin

Chief Executive Officer

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