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Payee Choice

Elevate the Claimant Experience with speed, security and choice.

With Payee Choice, you tailor the payout process, enabling your customers to receive funds through their preferred payment methods.

The problem we solve

Meeting evolving market expectations.

Self Service


Customers increasingly prefer self-service, online experiences, embracing the convenience and efficiency of digital interactions.



As their circumstances evolve, empower customers to choose their preferred payment method—be it bank transfer, cheque, card, or other options.

Speed Faster Payments


Ensure prompt payment delivery once customers have specified their
preferred method.

The payee choice solution

Disbursement: the shop window of Insurance.

Payee Choice is a versatile digital payment solution, empowering insurers and claim administrators to efficiently disburse global payments. Our solution improves customer satisfaction, drives cost reductions, and minimises risk by facilitating fast and secure digital payments taking into account the customers’ preferred channels.

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Slick Claimant Experience

We offer a brandable, off-the-shelf web and mobile experience to let customers decide how they want to receive their disbursement. All that is needed is their email address and mobile phone number to securely process the payment with two levels of authentication.

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Bank transfer

Leveraging Vitesse’s award-winning global payment network, claim disbursements are received quickly and always at full value, providing a secure and familiar domestic experience across hundreds of countries through our local connections.

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Payee Token

Holding sensitive payment information on your policyholders is a security risk and a burden on your operations and systems. We take this concern off your hands by tokenising payee information, so you reach PCI compliance without retaining any bank or credit card details.

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Cards and Wallets

We’re progressively adding new options for customers to match the market pratice evolution, for example on debit cards, the issuance of cards and credits on mobile wallets.

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With eChecks, your customers get the benefits of a paper cheque, all in one fast, easy and cost‑effective digital solution.

"For us, the challenge is being able to process the claims as quickly as possible and ensure that customers are not out of pocket. In their times of distress, they must have a good experience and use the payment methods that they desire. That's where Vitesse comes in."

Derek Livingstone

Head of Treasury, ManyPets

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