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Treasury | Claim funds management

Keep complete control over your claim funds.

We provide consistent global safeguarding and real-time visibility for your claim funds, enabling more dynamic funding strategies to unlock your capital while ensuring prompt payouts to claimants.

Our proposition

Right money, right place, right time.

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Consistently control and protect liquidities held in claim funds globally.



Eliminate underfunding and overfunding scenarios to achieve optimal operational and financial efficiency.



Track inbound and outbound payment activities for claim funds to simplify auditing and reconciliation.

Our claim funds management solution

Optimise your claim funds without compromising claimant satisfaction.

At Vitesse, we ensure global consistent safeguarding and real‑time visibility for your claim funds, enabling optimised funding strategies tailored to unlock your capital while guaranteeing prompt claims payouts.

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Consistent Safeguarding

We maintain the highest safeguarding standards by segregating your claim funds from our corporate funds in regulated tier‑1 banks. Minimal liquidity is held with selected local banks to expedite domestic settlements.

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Reconciliation and Reports

Access a comprehensive library of customisable statements and reports in various formats for easy reconciliation. Subscribe to reports via email and file transfer (FTP) for aggregated financial statements or detailed raw data.

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Real‑Time Insights

Gain a real‑time view of claim fund balances and payments, even when third‑party administrators handle claims. This empowers you to eliminate cash calls and optimize the capital engaged in your claims operations.

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Flexible Funding Structure

Utilise a digital ledger supporting virtually any contract structure, from simple cases to complex arrangements with multiple capacity providers funding multiple contracts with various risk splits.

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User Rights Management

Manage access rights for Finance and Claims Operations teams, even with delegated claims. Activate 2‑step approval flows for critical actions such as payments and money movements.

"With Vitesse, as we partner with new customers, we’re going to have no delays in knowing that we can get their money on time. We’re already set up in that we can pay over in multiple currencies."

Jake Mardell

Senior Claims Manager, Anansi

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