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Claims payment

Delivering payments when they are most needed.

Deliver fast and cost-effective payouts worldwide.

Our proposition

Paving the best routes for your global payments.

Cross Border


Ensure payouts are processed promptly at competitive rates and delivered in full value to customers in need.

Speed Faster Payments


We’re integral to the claims experience transformation by eliminating any delay between claim approval and payment.



We connect to 100+ partners and payment schemes to offer you and your customers the maximum flexibility.

Claims payment solution

Your gateway to a global payment network.

Our award-winning payment network ensures that the actual payments at the back of your claims operations
are delivered swiftly and in full value to claimants when they
need it most.

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Global payment network

We have established connections with hundreds of financial partners worldwide, enabling us to activate smart routing for fast, dependable, and cost‑effective payments. We’re doing the heavy lifting on your behalf: negotiating agreements, integrating systems, ensuring compliance.

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Cross-border and FX

You can hold funds and settle claims in most currencies. If needed, we seamlessly proceed to exchange funds, ensuring the payee receives the full value of the claim.

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Service level

With our transparent list of payment rules and timelines, you know exactly when your customers can expect to receive their payout.

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Payment instructions

You can initiate and validate payments on the Vitesse Client Portal, either individually or in batches. Alternatively, our clients optimise their operations through system integration (using API or FTP), managing claims on their business application while Vitesse serves as the payment engine behind the scene.

Vitesse Block

Supported payment schemes

UK Faster Payments, SEPA, Domestic ACH, US ACH, US FedWire, Canadian EFT, FAST (Singapore), BACS, eChecks, postal cheques.

"Vitesse and Anansi have a shared vision of embracing automation and data-driven processes, making our partnership a natural fit. Together, we can ensure retailers receive their claims quickly and deliver an excellent customer experience"

Megan Bingham-Walker

Co-Founder and CEO @ Anansi

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