The problem we solve

Payments at the speed of
parametric adjudication.

Cross Border


Ensure payouts are processed promptly and delivered in full value to insureds in need.

Speed Faster Payments


Payments instructed via API after parametric adjudication can be delivered in less than a minute.



We connect to 100+ partners and payment schemes to offer you and your customers the maximum flexibility.

Our solutions for travel & healthcare

The API Gateway to a World of Payments.

Parametric insurance is transforming adjudication. Vitesse solutions are the perfect complement to ensure that the actual payment does not become a bottleneck after the automated adjudication process.

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Timely Claim Settlements

In parametric insurance, the speed of claim settlements is crucial. Delays can impact customer satisfaction and retention.

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Claim Funds Management

Efficient management of funds for claim payouts is vital. Insufficient fund allocation can delay payments, while overallocation can tie up valuable resources.

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Payment instructions

Our clients optimise their operations through system integration using API or FTP, adjudicating claims on their application while Vitesse serves as the payment engine behind the scene.

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Global Payment Network

We have direct and indirect connections with hundreds of banks around the world, establishing secure, fast, reliable, and cost‑effective routes for your payments, even cross‑border.

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Client story

Anansi, Parametric Parcel Insurance

Anansi’s embedded insurance platform offers
ecommerce retailers comprehensive protection against loss and delays. The entire experience is paperless, from onboarding and policy issuance through to claims and settlements. Anansi’s standout feature is its parametric payout system, which automatically triggers compensation when a parcel is lost or delayed in transit. Integration with Vitesse allows for seamless, automated payouts. End to end automation is particularly beneficial in today’s market, where retailers face growing pressures. This integration not only saves time and money but also offers peace of mind in an increasingly challenging business environment.

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