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Vitesse’s solutions for

Third-Party Administrators

Our platform is designed to safeguard claim funds owned by your clients and delegated to you, offering real‑time visibility and fast claim payment options with minimal impact on your operations.

The problem we solve

The lack of visibility on claim funds leads to complex reconciliations and claims payments disruptions.

Protect Claim Funds

Protect Claim Funds

Vitesse holds the claim funds delegated to you in tier-1 banks, providing added security for your clients on your behalf.


Share Visibility on Claim Funds

The secured Vitesse Client Portal offers real-time visibility and custom reporting on funding and payment activities.


Eliminate Cash Calls

Real-time view over funds allow your clients, Insurers, to anticipate funding requirements for seamless claims operations.

Our solutions for party administrators

Improve your proposition to Insurers.

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Global payment network

Vitesse PSP boasts a powerful global payment network, ensuring fast and secure payouts across the world. We offer multiple payment methods, including bank transfers, echecks, and pay-to-cards, ensuring flexibility and convenience for claimants.

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No system and process changes

Our clients implement a seamless system integration using API or FTP. Hence they can manage claims on their regular business application while Vitesse serves as the payment engine behind the scene. Alternatively, our client portal can be used to create and validate payment instructions manually or in batch.

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Great claimant experience

We provide a secure portal where claimants can choose their preferred disbursement method and provide their details with confidence. Our claimant authentication and tokenization of information ensure the highest level of security, all managed on your behalf.

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