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Vitesse joins the India Insurtech Association (IIA)

April 24, 2023
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Membership boosts awareness and accessibility of insurancesolutions across Asia

Vitesse announces its membership in the India InsurtechAssociation (IIA) to boost awareness and accessibility of its solution throughout Asia.

The India Insurtech Association’s goal is to promote theusage of technology across the insurance value chain in India. Vitesse joins as one of the 200+ members who are working closely with the association to allowaccess to systems on a global scale, whilst focusing on the Indian market.These partnerships also facilitate collaboration to enhance solutions and givecustomers varying options for their needs.

The IIA membership will support Vitesse’s expansion plansand offer services to markets requiring innovation. The unique solution, that makes claims payments in as fast as 45 seconds, will provide the Indian marketwith a new way of operating, especially in such an unpredictable environment.Vitesse’s ability to react and provide comfort quickly will revolutionise theindustry.

“It’s our pleasure to welcome Vitesse as an IIA member. Webelieve this partnership will promote collaboration within our network to build and offer innovative claims payment solutions to the Indian market.” NilanjanRoy, Executive Committee Member, India InsurTech Association and SVP & Headof Group Business, Manipal Cigna Health Insurance.

“Alongside the IIA, we are looking forward to working withmore customers in this high growth region using our Insurance specific Treasuryand Payments solutions to deliver real value to all elements of the insurance value chain,” said Chris Palmer, Vitesse’s Chief Strategy Officer.

The extensive network will be key for future expansion thatwill help bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to everyone involved.

Phillip McGriskin, CEO and co-founder of Vitesse, is proud to see the company’s growth culminate in its partnership with IIA.

“Making an impact in new regions and delivering tangibleresults is an excellent outcome of collaboration. Vitesse is very proud to becollaborating with the IIA and its members to help us understand and meet theneeds of this exciting insurance market.

We look forward to meeting and adding value to the twohundred plus IIA members and thank them for allowing us to be part of their association.”

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