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Vitesse partners with insurance charitable foundation to improve communities

February 23, 2023
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Insurtech, Vitesse, announces their partnership with a charitable foundation and local charity that help to improve the lives ofvulnerable and disadvantaged people in our community.

The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF) offers unique opportunities for employees through fund-raising, volunteering, and leadership, allowing them to make a real difference. IICF has raised over £1m and helped change the lives of more than 6,000 people in communities throughgrants to charities advancing education and social mobility. Vitesse joins as the fifth founding Affiliate Member.

As part of its successes and continued growth, Vitesse’s workforce has doubled to over 120 people within the last year. Giving back andsupporting charities and individuals facing disadvantage within the communities in which Vitesse operates is a key part of its strategic objectives. Vitesse fully supports the IICF’s aim to build a more socially responsible industry, particularly in the wake of the global pandemic and major worldwide economic uncertainty.

The IICF connects companies to directly support charities; for Vitesse, this is with London-based charity St Giles. They use the expertise and real-life past experiences to empower people who are not getting the helpthey need and those who are difficult to engage because they have beenconsistently failed.

The IICF partnership comes shortly after Vitesse created a dedicated internal ESG Steering Committee comprising members of the Executive team and a staff forum tasked with developing and implementing responses to each of these pillars. Whilst the company has always considered itself forward-thinking, it was a desire to take things one step further and introduce governance that has delivered a real, measurable impact.

Andy Gregson, Vitesse’s Board and Strategic Advisor, is leading this effort along with Milly Richardson, VP of People, who is passionate about improving the lives of individuals less privileged in society.

Andy has worked closely with charities in the past, having been a trustee of a charity that supported children with dyslexia, a trustee and chair of the finance committee for the Vision Foundation in London, and a trustee and member of the audit committee for the Royal Institution. After joining Vitesse in 200, he is committed to using this experience to help the company focus their efforts on meaningful projects and making a real positiveimpact.

“Vitesse is committed to creating education and employment opportunities for individuals facing disadvantage to help build better futures and make a positive social impact in our communities,” said Andy. “We’re excited to be an Affiliate Member with IICF, which enables us to contribute aspart of an industry-wide response to addressing these issues, directly supporting a range of amazing local charities and social enterprises.

“We also see huge benefits for our staff and the firm more broadly through volunteering, providing opportunities for work experience and fundraising. We look forward to seeing the impact we can achieve together.”

Phillip McGriskin, CEO and co-founder of Vitesse, is proudto see the company’s growth and development culminate in its partnership with IICF and St Giles.

“Being able to make an impact in local communities, seetangible results and do so alongside our peers within the same industry is a true expression of collaboration. The transformation we’re seeing across theinsurance market creates exciting opportunities by enabling others to benefit from something they otherwise would not have access to.

“We’re excited to be part of making greatness happen anddelivering fair opportunities to all."

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